Business consulting / 1.5 hour


Business consultings are possible with videoconferencing, emails, messengers and phone.

If you are interested, please describe us your business situation and business intentions.
After then we make with you an appointement for the consulting.

Before the business consulting you might pay our fee in the amount of 147 EUR/1.5 hour in advance (prepayment). Let us also know in which language you prefere to talk with us.



For foreign companies and foreigners, especially South Koreans  which want to move to Switzerland or to Germany we deliver business consulting services like visa-consulting, start-ups consulting, real estate consulting, import and export consulting. We arrange also translation services for our foreign customers so that they can understand local customs and culture better and faster.
For our Swiss customers we deliver similar business consulting services for those who want migrate to Germany or South Korea.

We deliver them the same kind of business consulting services that we offer to our foreign companies coming to Switzerland.
We are very closely connected with our sister company in Germany so that we have automaticaly strong business ties to Germany (Adasda Deutschland GmbH). We also are familiar with South Koreans so that we will soon start a branch in South Korea.