We are a German accounting company who has specialized in in foreign investors and small and medium-sized businesses who want to successfully establish themselves in Germany.
Everything you need as services for your protection and for your business success here in Germany or other countries in Europe we are able to deliver.
With our experiences and skills we are able to communicate fluently with local  institutions.

Of course, we draw on specialists in all special subjects.
But all informations and preparations are bundled and coordinated from one source.

The communication is done in the native language of our clients if possible.
Our goal is economic welfare of our customers and the protection of them against fraud and deception in early stage of settlement by everyone who easily pretend as specialists in all fields of Germany.

Dare to work with us and we assure that we strive everyday to gain your trust!


Chong-Hyun Kim

Born in South Korea 1963
Emigrated to Berlin Germany : 1975


1989:                         Study of prostestant theology (KiHo at Humboldt-Universit

1994:                          degree master studies at Humboldt-University;
                                  (asian studies – Korea & Japan)
1995~2006:                Samsung SDI Germany GmbH
                                  Manager Innovation & Quality (BB in Six Sigma)
2006~2008:               Professional experiences in exports of cars and safety
                                  systems for ships (Berlin & Hamburg).
2009~2012:                General Management in Administration
                                   (hearing aid chain-company in Stuttgart area
                                   Hör-Konzept GmbH, now it blongs to Amplifon)
2012~2014:                 Consulting Business & Social Project Management  
2014~until now               Shareholder & CEO of ADASDA

Languages:                   Korean, German, English, Japanese


Dirk Schäfer

Chief Accountant
Born in Meerbusch in Germany 1970



1992-1995:              Training as assistant tax consultant
1995-1998:              Employed as accountant at tax firms and industrial companies.
1998-2013:              Freelance acounting consultant
2012-2013:              Founder Coach

2014~until now:        Shareholder & CEO of ADASDA

Hobbies:                  Macial arts, table tennis

Languages:              German, English


We will help you establish a successful business enterprise in Germany.

Adasda is a German accounting company located in Berlin. We supply more unique services than any of our competitors: from participating in your business plan, including visa application, to offering you paperless and digitally-based accounting methods and comprehensive administration services. With our experience and skills we are able to communicate fluently with German institutions. Furthermore, we are able to help you to settle into an effective German business lifestyle as soon as possible. If needed, we cooperate with the best local specialists, such as a lawyer for visa matters or a tax accountant. We also have close business relationships with several local companies such as insurance firms, remodelling companies, licensed real estate brokers, local banks and financial institutions.

From the very beginning, on the first day of your expansion in Germany, we pool our expertise to your advantage. Based on solid knowledge and experience we help you avoid any false and irrecoverable investments. To maximize your business success, we are able to offer you the following services – directly by ourselves or indirectly by our specialised partners in the following fields.

Business Plan

Company profile, business concept, capital budget plan, financing plan, profitability analysis.

Company Foundation

Establishment of companies including assistance with the wording of partnership agreements (excepting notary costs and institutional fees) and translating services.

A good start with accounting and contract services

Education in the local accounting system and preparation of diverse employment agreements.

Financial Accounting

Monthly accounting and turnover tax advance return.

Payroll Accounting

Monthly payroll accounting, registration of new employment agreements, employment contract termination.

Correspondence & Office Service

Office service including correspondence and handling of phone calls (2.5-3 hours a week). General services for information and administration.

Finding of an Office or Shop

Coordination of enquiries for a suitable location of your shop, office or anything else.

Human Resource Management

We will find the right person for your company, arrange a face-to-face talk and conduct salary negotiations if requested.

Marketing Tools

We deliver starter kits for entrepreneurs (company logo, website, stationery).

Company Insurance

Liability Insurance (third party insurance); Manager Liability Insurance; Inventory Insurance; Legal Protection Insurance.

Support for Finishing of Insolvent Companies

In Germany, failure to give notice of insolvency is a criminal offense. We support you even in times of trouble, when an insolvent enterprise must be dissolved without delay.

Tax adviser & Law firm

Kaske & Kollegen- Interprofessional Consulting We are able to assist companies or individuals in accounting process and in tax statements.

Investment & Jobs (mezzanine capital)

"Investment & Work" is our legal investment program for foreigners who want to live and work in Germany as families or as individuals. The advantage of our program is that we exclude potential risks from the very beginning of your settlement in Germany and that we secure the costs of living and long term permanent residency through local employment, so that your investment is 100% effective. The investment will be achieved by a silent partnership called "Typisch-Stille-Beteiligung" and it is similar to mezzanine capital.

What kind of company is Adasda?
Agency for Digital Accounting Service & Digital Administration
Adasda is an abbreviation for digital accounting and digital administration and was established at the beginning of 2014 with this business concept. We began with German customers and have gradually acquired a growing number of Korean and other foreign customers with the steady expansion of our business.
We focus on key services such as the establishment of your company, acquisition of visa and company care services for immigrating families from abroad. As a German local company, our financial services include insurance coverage and investment programs.

Our concept of silent partnership ("venture capital") does not include applying for a loan from banks or lending to third parties. Furthermore, as a preventative measure against mismanagement on our part we carry the so called indemnity insurance for CEOs. In the unlikely case of real mismanagement and real wrongdoing by Adasda, the investors can get full compensation by suing for damages. Of course we pledge to do everything in our power to reach responsible management decisions on a sound legal basis. Our management goal is Win-Win-Win for our customers, our investors and ourselves.

Work &Solo
(investment & jobs for singles and couples)

For financially strong singles and couples from abroad there are possibilities for investment and jobs in Germany. Investment range: 120.000~180.000 €

Work &Study
(investment & jobs for foreign students)

For financially strong foreign students there are possibilities for investment, study and jobs in Germany. Investment range: 150.000~200.000 €

Work & Family
(investment & jobs for families)

For financially strong families from abroad there are possibilities for investment and jobs in Germany. Investment range: 240.000~360.000 €

Capital Investment

For general investors there are possibilities for capital investment with 8% average rate of return. Minimum investment: 50.000 €.

Visa & Care
(3 month full care service)

Visa and full settlement services for people who come to Germany for study, work or business.

Real Estate as Investment for Pension Plan

You have the possibility to invest in real estate (apartments) in which a third person is living. In Germany there are some advantages for such real estate including tax breaks and simplified bank loans. Precondition is that you can prove your financial stability by jobs or capital assets.

Individual - Visa - Consulting

Adasda  not only cares for simple visa applications, we accompany our customers to the Foreigners' Registration Office and communicate fluently with officials in order to avoid any misunderstandings and disadvantages for our customers. And as Germans, we are prepared to justify the residency of our customers to the officials of various institutions (Employment Agency: "Arbeitsagentur für Arbeit", Chamber of Industry and Commerce: "IHK", Chamber of Handicrafts: "Handwerkskammer") which are relevant for visa matters.  And as needed, we support our foreign customers by completing the necessary paper work to facilitate speedy approval of applications to the Foreigners' Registration Office. Besides visa matters, we also take care of finding accommodation and apartments, applying for child allowance (Kindergeld).  Furthermore, we take care of health insurance matters (statutory and private health insurance) and other vital insurances to provide optimal solutions for our customers. In other words, we as a German company walk our foreign customers through every step of settling into the German economy and society. Consult us about the life you envision in Germany, we are specialists.  



3.1 Personal Services

Locating an Apartment
(Find the right one)

Also including temporary apartments!

Acquiring the right Real Estate
(for oneself)

Support for buying own appartment or house.

Help with your German income tax statement

Support for your annual income tax statement

Risk Insurance

Statutory medical insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung)
Private health insurance (Private Krankenversicherung)
Optimization of private health insurance (cost down service)
Liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung)
Household insurance (Hausratsversicherung)
Accident insurance (Unfallversicherung)
Legal costs insurance (Rechtschutzversicherung)

Insurance as a Pension Plan

Life insurance (Lebensversicherung) Disability insurance and annuity insurance (Invaliden und Altersvorsorge)
Fond pensions savings (Rentenfondsparen)
Employer´s pension scheme (Betriebliche Altersvorsorge)
Comprehensive annuity insurance (Komplexe Rentenversicherung)

Law Firm

Kaske & Kollegen- Interprofessional Consulting Beside tax matter, we are able to protect you in case of trouble. We are connected to several speciallised lawyers in all over Germany, who have qualified experiences in their specialised fields.




3.2 Visa Care Service

Visa Application
(application services)

Visa application: Beginning with the paper work, we use our know-how to advise and support you through the application process. In addition, we assist you to find the health insurance solution that best meets your needs. (Health insurance is required to get a visa.)

Personal Accompaniment to Foreign Registration Office
(for visa application)

We accompany you to appointments in the Foreigners' Registration Office and provide on-the-spot translation.

Visa Care
(comprehensive visa care)

After your visa application we continue to represent your interests vis á vis German institutions (IHK, JobCenter, Handwerkskammer) until your residency permit is approved.